When a person refers to an amine epoxy, they are usually referring to the curing agent, also known as the hardener. There are multiple types of curing agents available. Each has a distinctive feature. The curing agent determines the properties of the final cured epoxy. These properties include pot life, drying time, penetration, and water-resistance ability. The curing agents come in distinctive flavors and are either based on amines or amides. In practical usage, the amine-based hardeners are used more often as they are considered more durable, chemical resistant than the other types of hardeners, but unfortunately, they tend to blush if they are not very well resistant. The blushing leads to a waxy surface layer on the epoxy as it is curing. This is a reaction between the moisture in the air and the chemicals in the curing agent.

Amidoamines Based Curing Agents

The reaction of one of the most common amines with fatty acids such as Tall Oil Fatty Acid results in the formation of amidoamine. Amidoamines are mono-ducts of polyamine. They have a higher molecular weight than polyamine, which leads to their reaction rate being longer. Amindomines are usually referred to as the curing agents for ambient temperature applications. They form a low viscosity and exhibit great adhesive qualities, corrosion resistance, and are also able to cure under humid conditions. They are highly compatible with concrete.Using amidoamine provides a lot of different benefits to epoxy products. Using our amidoamine-based hardeners allows fast curing at elevated temperatures. This leads to the cured products being able to be used at high temperatures. Our amidoamine-based curing agents offer several benefits for the products that it is being used in. It provides low viscosity, high pigment loading, leading to the products having a wonderful color and a wide range of reactivity. Our amidoamine also can cure at low temperatures and requires absolutely no induction. They are also able to cure underwater. Our hardeners are widely used in different industries, including in construction, adhesives, marine, and maintenance of high solid coatings.

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Safety Precautions


Using the hardener can be very dangerous if it is not used right. The curing agents are usually irritants if not toxic and can cause harm if they are not used in proper working conditions.While using any hardener, it is ESSENTIAL to be wearing vinyl gloves so that your hands/ skin does not come in contact with the hardener. If the skin comes in contact with the hardener, it can lead to the skin getting sensitized.
It is also important to be wearing a respirator while working with a hardener so that the vapors do not get inhaled and do not cause irritation in your throat.