Aromatic amines are the byproducts of manufacturing plastics, different industrial chemicals, and other products. They are usually divided into three different categories and have been classified as human carcinogens. They can be found in industrial and manufacturing plants, hair dyes, tobacco smoke. Aromatic amines are also mainly found in industries such as iron, steel, dyes, pharmaceuticals, textiles industries, and rubber factories. They are also found in tobacco smoke, diesel exhaust and are produced by burning wood.
Aromatic amines have slightly weaker basicity compared to aliphatic amines. They are likely to cure slowly at room temperature. Usually, the curing of aromatic amines requires heating them in two steps. Aromatic amines provide excellent heat resistance, great mechanical properties, and tensile strength. Besides, nitroaromatic compounds include many explosives, pesticides, and different pharmaceuticals. These compounds are readily reduced under environmental conditions into aromatic amino compounds. Any source of aromatic amino compound is a significant concern for the environment as this class of compounds is characterized by high carcinogenicity.

Uses Of Aromatic Amines

Aromatic amines constitute a variety of chemical agents of great importance, as witnessed by their widespread use in the industries, including manufacturing of drugs, pesticides, plastic and antioxidants in the preparation of rubber for the manufacture of tires. They are also widely used as curing agents for the preparation of different plastics. Furthermore, they are also widely used as intermediates while preparing dyes, pigments, color textiles, leathers, rubber, printing inks, and paper products, not to forget semi-permanent coloring products.The aromatic amines have several benefits for curing epoxy resin, one of them being the development of higher heat distortion temperature in the cured product. It has a higher chemical resistance after it has been cured. The mixture needs to be cured at some heat to attain excellent temperature resistance. The aromatic amines provide a long pot life, low temperature, and damp condition cure possible.

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Hazards While Using Aromatic Amines

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It is important to stay protected while working with aromatic amines. You need to cover your hands while working with the aromatic amine by wearing nitrile gloves and making sure no skin is exposed to the compounds. You also need to wear a respirator while working with an aromatic amine so that no vapors are inhaled and cause any irritation in your skin or throat.