Clear Epoxy Tabletop are beautiful pieces of furniture that are always sought after. They are statement pieces that are very attractive. Epoxy tables are beautiful pieces of furniture that are always sought after. They are a statement piece that always attracts the eyes. Epoxy resin tables are said to be a piece of art and are highly versatile as there are no ends to the creativity that many different things can be used in the making of them, each adding a different aesthetic. The epoxy tables can fit into any theme, from the traditional-looking rustic furniture to the urban eccentric-looking pieces.
To make epoxy tables, you will need certain things, and you will have to ensure that those products are suitable for use for the product that you’re making, which in this case is going to be a clear resin tabletop. You will need our clear casting epoxy resin, we recommend using casting resin as it has a low viscosity, and there are fewer chances of bubbles forming in this resin as compared to the other ones. You will also need the wood for the table. You can choose any type of board of your desired thickness and length, tape, some polypropylene sheet, abrasives, spreader, mixing cups, some epoxy adhesive, and a shotgun. You can also use any type of pigment if you want to stain your clear epoxy.

Process Of Making The Epoxy Tabletops

The first step into making the clear tabletop would be to sand the wood. First, you will make sure that there are no extra barks on the wood and use a chisel to remove any excess attached wood. After this, you will need to sand the surface and the sides of the wood to ensure a smooth surface. If the wood is not smooth, the epoxy will not bond with the wood optimally. After this, you will need to level all the cracks and porous areas by using clear epoxy. After the epoxy resin has been dried, you will move on to the next coat of epoxy resin. You will simply pour the mixed epoxy resin on the surface of the wood, and the mixture should level out slowly. You can choose to speed up the process by using a spreader or a brush to speed up the process. Once it is spread out, you can leave it to dry out. To make your table more customized and interesting, you can also opt to simply color your resin before pouring the second coat or add in some elements in the table, like seashells, dried flowers, or even glitter.

Clear Epoxy Tabletop

Pros Of A Clear Resin Tabletop

Clear Epoxy Tabletop 2

The effect that you desire on the tabletop depends on your personal choice. Most people like the tabletop to have a shiny glossy effect, for which you’ll have to use a resin with a mirror shine finish, whereas if you want a matte finish, you can simply use a matte polish on top of the epoxy once it has been cured. Wood is not water-resistant, so while getting an epoxy for this project, make sure that the epoxy is highly water-resistant. This increases the longevity of the surface that you want to protect.
It is also important to make sure that the epoxy is scratch-free, as it will improve the overall appearance of the table.