Epoxy resin is a thermosetting chemical substance that has a variety of uses in many different industries. Epoxy resin is a stable liquid chemical compound on its own and needs to be mixed with a suitable hardener to be cured. The type of hardener that you should use with the epoxy resin depends on the formulation of both of the substances and the curing time and process. Hardeners are curing agents that react with the epoxy resin to form cured resin. It reacts when mixed with the resin, the reaction being an exothermic reaction that releases heat. The hardeners are also referred to as the catalysts of the epoxy resin. Our different types of hardeners may provide different finishes and take a different period to be fully cured. For the resin to set and cure optimally, it needs to be mixed thoroughly with a suitable hardener. We supply premium quality epoxy resin and hardeners to make sure your products are of premium quality and so you don’t face any form of problems while working with our products.

Mixing The Epoxy Resin With The Hardener

The epoxy resin needs to be mixed with the hardeners thoroughly so that they cure optimally and there are no uncured spots left. There is always a particular ratio that is set for every epoxy resin to be mixed with the hardener. The ratio is always written on the packaging. Though it is usually 1:1 for the epoxy resin and hardener, it is also always recommended to check it first before as if the right ratio is not used. The epoxy will not set. You also need to measure the epoxy resin and the hardener accurately. This can be done easily by the use of the resin calculator. After you have measured the epoxy resin, you will need to mix the two components. You need to use the right type of tools. We recommend using a flat-surfaced spatula and a big bowl to mix the two components. As epoxy is a thermosetting substance, it requires to be at a certain temperature to work optimally. It is recommended to put your epoxy In the
The temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius to get the best desired results.

Epoxy Resin And Hardener

Uses Of Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin And Hardener 1

Epoxy resin has exceptionally good insulating properties. It is widely used in the making of electrical appliances. Our epoxy resin offers low shrinkage after being cured, with high durability and tensile strength. It has a wide range of applications in different fields to fulfill different needs. Recently, the demand for our epoxy resin has increased drastically as the new trend of making jewelry pieces with epoxy resin was at its peak. You can use our epoxy resin with a range of other products to come up with beautiful and trendy pieces. Our epoxy resin is also widely used in the making of epoxy flooring. Our multi-purpose pigments are also used in creating beautiful, customized flooring for the best results. Our epoxy resin is highly durable and has high compatibility in working with other products. You can incorporate all different kinds of dyes that are made to be used with epoxy resin and glitters to give your products the desired look.