Resin tabletops have been gaining a lot of popularity lately because of their aesthetic looks and durability, and to my surprise, they are pretty easy to make. Though some can only be done by professionals, we are going to tell you how to make an aesthetic yet easy Epoxy Resin tabletop. They can be very costly if you buy them but DIYing them can save you more than half of the amount! It will approximately take you three days to complete the table, because of the dying process, and about 5-6 working hours.

You will need:

  • A wooden tabletop in a shape of your choice
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Hardener
  • Liquid color pigments
  • Sandpaper


The epoxy that we recommend using here should have a ratio of 1:1, one part hardener, and one part resin. You can check the ratio of the substance that you are supposed to mix on the packaging and use a resin calculator to measure accurately.

Here is the mixing process I recommend:

  • Measure the required number of substances according to their ratio.
  • Pour the hardener into a mixing cup first followed by the resin
  • Mix this for 5 minutes
  • Pour into a new container and add your base color and mix for 4 more minutes.

Make sure that you mix the Epoxy Resin with the hardener thoroughly so that the curing process takes place easily and you get optimum results. It is possible that the bubbles can form while mixing, but if you keep mixing it for some time, the bubbles will go away or you can simply just use a torch to get rid of the latter.

You are now ready!


Firstly, prepare your tabletop by cleaning it and making sure it is dry and moisture-free. It will also be helpful if you smoothen out the surface by sanding it. The first pour is going to be the base color of your table, I suggest going for white here, and then adding multiple different colors on top to give a nice touch.

Pour your desired resin on the table and start spreading it out, creating a leveled surface. After this, by using a torch remove any excess bubbles that are formed in the process. This is a pretty simple process, start from one end and work your way to the other. Keep the torch moving until the resin turns clear like glass.

After this, you are going to prepare your second pour by adding the colors you want to mix. Once you have mixed the second container of epoxy, you will mix it into other containers in which you are going to add individual colors.

You will repeat the same process for each pour. For the final coat, you can just use the resin with no color.


For the second pour, you can use a dirty pour technique. Take a piece of a 4-inch pipe and place it on the white base. The recommended time frame for doing all this is 30 to 45 minutes, so make sure you have everything prepared beforehand.

Now pour all the colors in the PVC pipe one by one and DO NOT mix them. Slightly lift the PVC and push it in the path that you want. You can simply push it in one direction, swirl the pipe or even tilt your workpiece to create a pattern. Once you have acquired your desired design, take a torch, and remove any bubbles formed in the process.

After this, you are going to let this cure for about 24 hours.


Inspect your workpiece, if the design is as per your wish and the resin has cured perfectly, you are ready to move on to the next step.

Sand the tabletop with 120-grit sandpaper and remove the sand dust with a wet rag, make sure that the surface is DRY. Prepare enough resin to cover the tabletop and pour it on the top. Spread it out using a brush and get rid of any bubbles formed using a torch.

Let it sit for 24 hours, and your resin tabletop is ready.

Make sure to follow all the needed safety precautions while working with the Epoxy Resin, use safety goggles, wear vinyl gloves and use a respirator.