A pigment is a colored medium that is used to color other materials. They can alter the appearance by changing the color of the reflected lights as the result of wavelength-selective absorption. The pigments need to have high tinting strength relative to the materials that it is supposed to color. The materials that are used to develop pigments consist of materials that have the properties for coloring other materials.
Our pigments are pure, colored pigments that are in a special epoxy resin blend. Our pigments are easily measured, pourable, and contain no solvents, and are highly compatible, easily mixed with the other colors to make new colors. Since the pigments are mixed in a special epoxy blend, they do not change the curing properties of the resin. The right way to use these pigments is to use them with the epoxy resin and then add the hardener in the right ratio for the epoxy to be cured.

Different Pigment Pastes

There are a few different types of pigment paste that we have available, the first one being regular effect pigment. The regular effect pigment will simply dye the resin. It is available in pure solid colors.We also have different effect pigments, where it simply dyes the resin and brings out some extra sparkles. We also have alcohol inks available. They are special liquid pigments that are popular among resin. They maintain the opacity while still retaining the ability to be transparent when light passes through it.
Our pigments are a very good way to use them. They are filled in airless dispensers that retain the actual shape of the pigments and prevent the liquid from drying.
A little product from our pigments goes a long way. You only need to use a little bit of it to get amazing pigmentation. Remember to use less for transparency and more for an opaque look.Our pigments are preferred more than the other and stand out than the other pigments as our pigments are eco-friendly which are mostly mixed with epoxy resin. They do not include any harmful chemicals and are 100% safe to use.

Epoxy Resin Coloring

More About Pigment Paste

Colorful Epoxy Resin

Our pigments can be used in a variety of products ranging from jewelry, arts and crafts, and coasters. They can also be used in the making of epoxy flooring. They can be mixed with epoxy flooring to give the floorings beautiful designs. Our pigments are highly compatible with all types of compounds and can be mixed for a great color payoff. You can also customize your colors by mixing the pigments by yourself.