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Tank Lining Epoxy.

We are providing the service of Tank Lining Epoxy in Pakistan, and we play a very important role in the manufacturing process. We offer Tank lining epoxy for water tanks and fuel tank lining. Tank lining Epoxy helps keep the surface safe from corrosion. It also helps in the case of temperature fluctuation as the portable water storage must be kept safe. Get benefit from our specialized coating solutions for tank linings that deliver high-performance standards in services, facilitate the application’s quality, and offer productivity and longevity. So when it comes to the water, you need the best material to store it in, and you know now where you can get it from.

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Epoxy Tank Lining is recommended for the protection of the internal surface of tanks, containing crude and refined petroleum products. Tank Lining Epoxy is suitable as a tank lining for aviation fuel tanks, crude or refined petroleum products, fertilizers, fats, and oil storage tanks.

Chemical tank linings

High-temperature tank linings

Concrete tank linings 

Steel Tank Linings

Water Tank Linings 


  • Very versatile technology with many uses
  • Can be tested using a DC holiday spark tester upon completion to check for pin holing
  • Can be solvent free to reduce risk during application
  • Can be moisture tolerant


  • Film Thickness:  10-12 mils 
  • Finish:  Smooth, glossy, hydrophobic 
  • Thermal Shock:  Unaffected in 5 cycles – 70°F to 212°F 
  • Heat Resistance:  Water – demineralized or salt – 210 °F. 
  • Solids:  74% ± 2% by weight; 53% ± 2% by volume

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  • 10 Years
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  • Metallic, 3D, Underlayments Flooring

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  • 2000 Sq Ft
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  • Chemical Resistant,Abrasion Resistant,Non-Slip,Waterproof,Impact Resistant